Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Author, Speaker

Georgia Still Lifes: Adventures in History and Travel is about being engaged with the land, people and places of Georgia. We are a husband and wife photography / writing team traveling to destinations with stories to tell about off-the-beaten path discoveries and local adventures. Our storytelling dives beneath the surface giving Georgia and the South its distinctive character. This is accomplished through the lens of high-quality photography and compelling storytelling.  

Our goal is to share a different angle from the normal narrative and shed light on things not usually reported. We capture stories and reveal and re-discover the cultural landscape of Georgia. To be a good storyteller, one must be curious and listen to people’s stories. Curiosity motivates us to explore. Stories are around us every day — we just have to keep looking for them with a curious attitude. 

We provide content and stories to editorial and corporate clients with thought-provoking stories and compelling photography on the themes of People/Human Spirit; Arts & Culture; History & Traditions, Architecture and Food / Drink.

ABOUT US: Eric Dusenbery (B.A. Cinema & Photography, Southern Illinois University) utilizes the power of the still photograph and frequently uses the traditions of the large format film camera for fine art, documentary and commissioned projects. His photography has been widely exhibited and his work has appeared in numerous national publications. He is an award-winning journalist and author/photographer of two books. Photo/manuscript packages have appeared in CAR & TRAVEL, AAA World, ACRES U.S.A, HISTORIC TRAVELER, FLORIDA HERITAGE among others. Cynthia Dusenbery (B.A. Journalism, Kennesaw State University) has an extensive background in communications from Writer/Producer for ABC News in Atlanta to Vice President and Managing Editor of Edgeset Solutions (programming for NASCAR) to Senior Editor for Professional Photographers of America. Editorial and special projects have appeared in ORLANDE LEISURE, FLORIDA HERITAGE, HISTORIC TOURS OF AMERICA .

Georgia Still Lifes

Adventures in History and Travel