Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Author, Speaker


FLORIDA SOUP: Putting History On the Table (ISBN 978-0-615-81236-6) FOREWORD by Adam Putnam, former Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Recipe Ingredients: 1 Part Stories + 1 Part Photography Combine all into compelling look at historic cooking habits, food production and recipes that defined the family and community in rural and small-town Florida. Our state is unique in its food consumption and production practices both from a historical perspective and present-day realities. Florida has a rich harvest of storytellers from a tobacco-spitting blue crab fisherman who recounts commercial fishing practices of yesteryear to a rancher who reminisces about Depression-era farming and a few other surprising tales. This is a book project on Florida’s love affair with food and storytelling.  $19.95

Accompanying multimedia lecture available: 

Southern Soup: Putting History On the Table :

Program Recipe: 1 Part Stories + 1 Part Photography + 1 Part History

"Eric Dusenbery's photos in gorgeous black and white bring us unforgettable faces and scenes, but they're only part of the joys of "Florida Soup," a rich portrait in pictures and words that goes straight to the heart of Real Florida." Joy Wallace Dickinson, author of the Orlando Sentinel's "Florida Flashback" feature

"Dusenbery cooks up a mix of back-road Florida food lore that’s as rich, larrupin’ and diverse as the mix of any Brunswick stew.  And if that's not enough, the photographs are breathtaking." Mark Lane, Daytona Beach News-Journal Columnist

In “Florida Soup”, Eric Dusenbery has done a fine job illustrating the rich interconnectedness of what is most authentic and real in our Florida culture.  In doing so, he creates a compelling series of stories and images to express the universal links we all share through our place-based food. This is the best kind of communication---well-paced and thoughtful narratives augmented with crisp and insightful photos.  Eric helps us understand how the vernacular of local food not only enriches our life experience---he also reminds us that Floridians were practicing “locavores” long before that word came into use." Bill Belleville, author of River of Lakes: A Journey On Florida’s St. Johns River and Salvaging the Real Florida: Lost and Found in the State of Dreams

"Thank you for documenting our heritage and for the wonderful profiles of the true pioneers of Florida."  Betsy Boyett Morris

"This is a great walk down memory lane, living in Florida. Highly recommended." Kristine Crane

"Love, love, love your book, Florida Soup. Thank you for this treasure of Florida life." Cheryl Floyd

"Eric is the vehicle that tells Florida's stories." Robert Redd