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FLORIDA SOUP: Putting History On the Table (ISBN 978-0-615-81236-6) FOREWORD by Adam Putnam, Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture Recipe Ingredients: 1 Part Stories + 1 Part Photography Combine all into compelling look at historic cooking habits, food production and recipes that defined the family and community in rural and small-town Florida. Our state is unique in its food consumption and production practices both from a historical perspective and present-day realities. Florida has a rich harvest of storytellers from a tobacco-spitting blue crab fisherman who recounts commercial fishing practices of yesteryear to a rancher who reminisces about Depression-era farming and a few other surprising tales. This is a book project on Florida’s love affair with food and storytelling.  $19.95

"Eric Dusenbery's photos in gorgeous black and white bring us unforgettable faces and scenes, but they're only part of the joys of "Florida Soup," a rich portrait in pictures and words that goes straight to the heart of Real Florida." Joy Wallace Dickinson, author of the Orlando Sentinel's "Florida Flashback" feature

VOLUSIA VOICES: Building Our Community One Story At A Time (ISBN: 978-0-692-57841-4)

The goal of VOLUSIA VOICES is to preserve stories and promote a sense of community through meeting Volusia County residents at work, home and play, weaving together the first-person history of the county through words and pictures. Using recommendations of both those already known and those met through the journey, VOLUSIA VOICES spotlights the everyday from all walks of life. No tale is too obscure, no character too unknown. $19.95


Gemini Springs

Photographic Print

11 x 14 (Unmatted) 


Photographic Print

8 x 10 or 11 x 14

Brother and Sister

Original Silver Photograph

11 x 14 in oversize double mat 

Country Church

Original Silver Photograph

6 x 14 in oversize double mat 



Original Silver Photograph

11 x 14 in oversize double mat 

California Redwoods Series

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