Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Author, Speaker

Sidetracked: Travels Across the Undiscovered South  

A documentary project to produce a new body of work by traveling through the rural and small town South.

While the definition of “rural” and “small town” may seem obvious, the documentary project is refocusing what they mean through the words and imagery of those who live it and new places discovered. This is not another look at the small towns of the South espoused in guidebooks — but, rather, a body of work that dives beneath the surface giving the South it’s unique character. This is accomplished through the lens of large-format, black-and-white, hand-printed silver gelatin film photography — the resulting high-quality prints make an immediate impact and the distinctive fieldwork approach is a natural attraction for media publicity and headlines. A documentary project can influence audiences in their view of the authentic South. People connect to this project with emotional involvement with the subjects and the narratives that are presented— they want a deeper understanding of a sense of place through local people and places.   The authentic South is revealed through conversations covering a wide range of topics from history, food, art, culture and business to travel, human/social justice and natural environments. By showcasing people of all ages, demographics and livelihoods and places that are undiscovered, this documentary project creates identity and character.

“evocative...”   Daytona Beach News-Journal

 “...the authentic, the real Florida.”   Citrus County Chronicle

“There has been a positive buzz around town from your stories and photos. I love the warm-hearted response. You have proven that you are trusted and the people that you have interviewed were really pleased with the way it all turned out.”

Kathy Smyth, City Council, City of Luverne, Alabama

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Sidetracked: Travels Across the Undiscovered South