Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Journalist

Eric's photography and writing has appeared in numerous publications and he is the recipient of several national awards. Eric works with clients on their visual communications needs. By using unconventional thinking and curiosity to remove the jargon associated with many traditional approaches, the resulting work helps clients to stand out and engage audiences.

In addition to assignments and commissions, Eric uses photography and storytelling for a variety of social and cultural issues. Photographs from projects have been widely exhibited from traditional fine-art galleries and museums to educational and cultural centers.

Emphasizing the traditions of documentary photography as a way of seeing and interpreting cultural life, for many projects, the imagery is completed through the lens of large-format, black-and-white, hand-printed silver gelatin film photography. Using this unconventional photographic approach in a digital-driven age produces a distinctive visual aesthetic.

Eric Dusenbery (B.A. Cinema & Photography, Southern Illinois University) is passionate about using curiosity and photography to tell stories. 

Whether maneuvering among the rafters in a historic clock tower or crouched in a cooler on a shrimp boat, Eric’s photographic escapades and stories make us eager to begin living a life of curiosity.

PH: 386-748-8920

Commercial / Editorial Photography (Please request links to extensive portfolio of work). 

Documentary / Commissions / Community Engagement Projects

 Rural and small-town lifestyle  - Social Justice and nonprofit initiatives - Cultural studies -  Large format and analog film photography