Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Author, Speaker

"THANK YOU. Of those who completed a speaker evaluation, 97% gave you a rating of Excellent / Very Good and enjoyed your presentation. Special comments were made regarding your photographs and the personal stories. Thank you for your very interesting and enjoyable presentation."

Maureen Cortese, University of Central Florida

"Thanks again for joining our dynamic team of special speakers with The Enrichment Academy program. You hit a home run last night with our residents. They really enjoyed it"

Melanie Sarakinis, The Villages Enrichment Academy

 Lecture and Breakout Session – "Worm Grunting, Monkey Fishing and the Power of Curiosity"

Join documentary photographer Eric Dusenbery as he speaks on the power of curiosity and inspires and engages audiences to find new ways to connect and stand out through storytelling and empathy. Colorful characters and unique narratives provide a backdrop for lessons in communications — we need to expand our curiosity and share what we discover. Based on experiences learned in producing several documentary projects, Eric's photographic escapades and stories make us eager to begin living a life of curiosity. When we learn to look at the world a little differently and communicate about real people, struggles and successes to make emotional connections, we initiate change. With technology, social media and communications changing so dramatically, there has never been a greater need to connect with the public. The program features photography, storytelling and multimedia. Participant interaction with laughter and lively reactions are commonly seen.

Workshops -  Documentary Photography & Writing  ;  Photography & Storytelling

Guest Lecturer for Classroom Visits - "Documentary Photography and the Human Experience"

Eric is currently exploring the rural South on a documentary project called Sidetracked: Travels Across the Undiscovered South. This project is a multidisciplinary approach to produce a new body of work by traveling and looking for narratives and stories that dive beneath the surface, giving the South its distinctive character. Emphasizing the traditions of photography as a way of seeing and interpreting cultural life, the imagery is completed through the lens of large-format, black-and-white, hand-printed silver gelatin film photography. Using this unconventional photographic approach in a digital imaging age gives the project a distinctive visual aesthetic.

In conjunction with this project is a lecture presentation to universities and educational venues. Eric shares conversations about the documentary photographic process and the human experience through this unique presentation relating in-depth insights and perspectives of a working photographic artist. The subject matter and unique photographic approach offers great potential for the development of educational programming.

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