Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Journalist

"THANK YOU. Of those who completed a speaker evaluation, 97% gave you a rating of Excellent / Very Good and enjoyed your presentation. Special comments were made regarding your photographs and the personal stories. Thank you for your very interesting and enjoyable presentation."  Maureen Cortese, University of Central Florida

"Thanks again for joining our dynamic team of special speakers with The Enrichment Academy program. You hit a home run last night with our residents. They really enjoyed it"  Melanie Sarakinis, The Villages Enrichment Academy

"Eric is the vehicle that tells Florida's stories."  Robert Redd, Executive Director, New Smyrna Beach Museum of History

"Your program was very interesting, and the guests loved the photographs, as well as the stories that brought your subjects to life.Through your observations of the present and knowledge of the past this helps form our understanding of the place. In order to form a complete understanding, we have to experience the stories, memories, traditions, and cultural history of that place."
Katherine A. Turner, Citrus County Historical Museum

"Eric's presentations at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement have not only been educational but entertaining — the audience interaction was wonderful. The demonstrations and talks made perfect sense as the topic related to our organization's mission of preservation and education on local folk arts and traditional trades."
Debra West, Executive Director, Barberville Pioneer Settlement

"I would like to provide a huge thank you for a wonderful program you presented to the CCB members. I personally thought your photography was inspiring and was some of the most memorable imagery ever presented to the club."
Richard Thompson, President, Camera Club of Brevard

"Seeing with New Eyes: How to Find a Different View"

Join documentary photographer Eric Dusenbery as he uses the power of curiosity to inspire and engage audiences. Using curiosity as a tool, Eric helps the audience to find new ways to connect and stand out through storytelling. Colorful characters and unique narratives provide a backdrop for elevating communications from simple interactions to rich experiences; from simply meeting a deadline to using our natural curiosity to inspire original thinking and increase productivity.

Through his documentary projects, Eric's photographic escapades and stories demonstrate an eagerness to begin living a life of curiosity. Drawing on a vast and rich experience with the human connection, Eric provides a new way to see the every day and uses a convergence of compelling images and powerful words to tell the story of how he learned to see opportunities through new eyes.

When we look at the world a little differently and communicate about real people, change ensues. With technology, social media and communications changing so dramatically, there has never been a greater need for human connection.

The program features photography, storytelling and multimedia. But, fair warning, participant interaction, laughter and lively reactions are common results.

Workshop: Photography & Storytelling

Photography is an art form that is accessible to the masses thanks to today’s digital cameras and phones. This workshop is a different type of creative experience. It is designed for those who want more for their efforts — a chance to slow down and be immersed in the historic traditions of photography for creative expression.

The purpose of this workshop is for participants to learn skills necessary to use photography in a creative, technically proficient manner and incorporates hands-on activities that will allow participants to think, create, express and explore concepts for storytelling. This workshop is about learning to see. Concepts will be explored that communicate ideas and aesthetic elements. 

The workshop is not about how to use a camera but how vision, creativity and passion lead to personal and meaningful art and work.

The photo workshop is appropriate for ages 14 and up.

“Thank you! Great class and would love more from Eric on similar subjects.” Donna S.

"Thanks for a great workshop. Your feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I’ve been working on my projects and have enjoyed them." Dawn S.

“I’m well on my way to completing the assignments for our photography course. I’m really enjoying this course.” Katherine R.

“Thank you for the feedback and I am learning to “see” the world a little differently because of this class.” Joshua C.

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