Eric Dusenbery

Photographer and Journalist

Florida Soup: Putting History On the Table

(ISBN 978-0-615-81236-6) Foreword by Adam Putnam, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Three-year travel, research and production (history, lifestyle, industrial diversity, foodways, ethnography) for book offering a compelling look at historic cooking habits, food production and recipes that define the family and community in rural and small-town Florida.

"Our state has such a rich history. For 500 years, cultures ranging from Cracker to Hispanic to Minorcan and more have spiced up our melting pot. And a big part of that is our food. Food is not just sustenance here; it’s a way of life. Florida Soup is for the native and newcomer alike. Eric Dusenbery speaks to those of us who love a good story, long for slower clocks and fold memories into meals like so much butter and flour."
Adam Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture in the Foreword to the book, Florida Soup: Putting History On the Table (ISB

Volusia Voices: Building Our Community One Story At A Time

(ISBN: 978-0-692-57841-4) A two-year documentary project to collect the stories that portray everyday Volusia County residents through photography and first-person narratives. Volusia Voices explored the county to seek Volusians who are extraordinary — though they may not know it — and show the rich diversity and character of this area.

Eric Dusenbery is currently working on the project, ... As It Is: Art, History & Culture in South Central Pennsylvania. In the fall of 1942, photographer Marjory Collins aimed her camera at a lone figure in a farmer’s market stall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A harsh overhead lamp shone on the woman's produce arranged for sale on a table. Her face beamed proudly for the camera. The photographer was part of Roy Stryker's famous Farm Security Administration photo team that included Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Arthur Rothstein, Russell Lee and others who had been tasked with documenting the homefront and ordinary citizens during World War II. Collins photographed extensively in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and her resulting images showed "pictures of life as it is."

A documentary project utilizing photography + journalistic writing… As It Is brings awareness to south central Pennsylvania in a way that reveals their importance to and impact on society today. Through a focus on ordinary citizens and places — we see their relevance to our lives and it helps us to become better members of society. In turn, that helps to promote a better quality of life through our understanding of the common ground we all share. The project gives art, history and culture subjects and topics a face, or many faces — a road trip through the area with FSA photographers riding shotgun, their spirit guiding the viewfinder to whatever it will encounter.

The documentary photography from the Farm Security Administration has been influential over the years for its realist perspectives, and as evidence, affirmation and an educational tool from which others can learn.Emphasizing the traditions of documentary photography as a way of seeing and interpreting cultural life, the imagery is primarily be through the lens of large-format, black-and-white, hand-printed silver gelatin film photography. Using this unconventional photographic approach in a digital-driven age gives the project a distinctive visual aesthetic and will harken back to Farm Security Administration work to reveal “life as it is.”

Stories are a combination of documentary photography (large format environmental portraits) and journalistic writing — voices personifying south central Pennsylvania.