Eric Dusenbery

Photographer, Author, Speaker

Eric Dusenbery is a storyteller, helping audiences realize the potential of curiosity and compelling communications. Customized presentations have included insights and ideas to a wide range of civic and professional organizations, businesses, libraries, schools, nonprofits, NPOs and trade associations.

Worm Grunting, Monkey Fishing and the Power of Curiosity  Curiosity, colorful characters and a storytelling narrative provide a backdrop for lessons in communications and innovation and how those concepts are applied in work, business and education. If we want to inspire change in our organizations, schools and ourselves, we need to expand our curiosity and create memorable experiences. When we learn to look at the world a little differently to make emotional connections, we initiate change. Based on experiences learned in producing several documentary projects, photographer and author Eric Dusenbery speaks on the power of curiosity and inspires audiences to find new ways to connect. Whether maneuvering among the rafters in a historic clock tower or crouched in a cooler on a shrimp boat, Eric’s photographic escapades and stories empower audiences to begin living a life of curiosity. The presentation features photography, storytelling and multimedia. Audience interaction is encouraged with laughter and lively reactions commonly seen. Audiences learn: 

- How a richer understanding of cultures and history leads to engagement.

- Community development strategies.

- Authentic communications.

- How curiosity leads to innovation, shifts in perspectives and openness to new ideas.

Florida Soup: Putting History On the Table Program Recipe 1 Part Stories + 1 Part Photography + 1 Part History A compelling look at historic cooking habits, food production and recipes that defined the family and community in rural and small-town Florida. Our state is unique in its food consumption and production practices both from a historical perspective and present-day realities. Florida has a rich harvest of storytellers from tobacco-spitting blue crab fishermen who recount commercial fishing practices of yesteryear to ranchers who reminisces about Depression-era farming and other surprising tales.

Presentations feature photography and multimedia and are appropriate for youth, college and adult groups. Florida Soup offers an educational and entertaining program for schools, universities, libraries, conferences, meetings, historical societies and civic groups.

WHO ARE THESE PRESENTATIONS FOR ? Corporate and business professionals, meeting planners, communications professionals, students, educators, NPOs, municipalities, administrators, small business owners, photographers, artists and anyone interested in personal and community development.

"Thanks again for joining our dynamic team of special speakers with The Enrichment Academy program.  You hit a home run last night with our residents.  They really enjoyed it"   Melanie Sarakinis, The Villages Enrichment Academy

"Eric's presentations at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement have not only been educational but entertaining — the audience interaction was wonderful. The demonstrations and talks made perfect sense as the topic related to our organization's mission of preservation and education on local folk arts and traditional trades."     Debra West, Executive Director Barberville Pioneer Settlement

"Eric is the vehicle that tells Florida's stories." Robert Redd, Executive Director New Smyrna Beach Museum of History

"I would like to provide a huge thank you for a wonderful program you presented to the CCB members. I personally thought your photography was inspiring and was some of the most memorable imagery ever presented to the club."

Richard Thompson, President, CCB

"The only way to engage people is by using unconventional thinking.

And that begins with curiosity and storytelling."